June 2015

Academic Success & Achievement Program

Tutor talking with student--open laptop between them

Stay Successful in College!

The Academic Success & Achievement Program (ASAP) is dedicated to helping students stay successful in college. Residence Life knows that the transition from high school to college or a heavier workload can make it difficult for students to stay...

Safety on Campus

Officers talking with a student

Safety & Security in the Residence Halls

The safety and security of our residents is a priority for Housing & Dining Services, and we work collaboratively with Residence Life, the CU Police Department and the students to provide a safe and healthy living environment.


Make a Difference!

Students being shown plants in a growhaus

Join EcoReps and Make a Difference!

The University of Colorado Boulder has long been a global leader in sustainability; multitudes of programs have been developed over the years in order to create awareness about our efforts, and to create new student leaders on campus. A fairly recent...

Loft It!

Residence hall rooms can feel pretty cozy, but you can increase your floor space by lofting your beds! This allows you more flexibility with your furniture placement and room configuration. Most rooms can accommodate lofted beds (with the exception of spaces with limited ceiling height or where...

Living in the Central Campus Neighborhood

Central Campus is the main intersection of activity during the school week and is home to 11 residence halls, most housing a residential academic program or...

Living in the Kittredge Neighborhood

Smith Hall and Kittredge Pond with Flatirons in background

All of the residence hall neighborhoods at CU-Boulder offer some great benefits, including the Kittredge Neighborhood, located on the southeast edge of campus. Surrounding the picturesque Kittredge Pond are Andrews,...

Moving to Campus

Don't Just Pack, Pack Smart!

There’s a ton of information out there suggesting what you should and shouldn't take to college with you. Confused? We don’t blame you! If you want to get the details on what you actually should bring, shouldn’t bring, what we provide and what’s not allowed...

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