July 2015

Fire Safety in the Residence Halls

RA's going through fire safety training with BFD

Be Prepared and Stay Safe

In 2014 there were 242 fires in Boulder, causing over $3,034,000 worth of damage.

The fact is, fires happen—most often due to negligence and not following fire safety regulations. CU Residence Life partners yearlong with the Boulder Fire Department to...

What it means to be a Buff

Being a Buff means so much more than just attending classes. I remember moving in to my residence hall freshman year. The first thing I saw when I got into Boulder were the Flatirons, and then it hit me; this is my view every morning for the next four years. Pulling into the parking lot and...

Why CU-Boulder? Top Five Reasons

If you're still trying to decide which school is right for you, we want to give you five reasons why you will find a great home with us at CU Boulder.

#1 Take advantage of a world-class education in a world-class city

CU-Boulder is nestled in the shadow of the...

Become a Part of Your Community

Did you know that one of the ingredients of becoming a successful college student--meaning staying past your first year and completing your degree--is creating meaningful connections? Well it is!

The transition from home life and high school to college life and independence can be...

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