July 2016

Meet Our Nutritionist

We are committed to providing our students with all the options and resources to live a healthy lifestyle while on campus. Part of that commitment is having an in-house registered dietian and nutritionist, Allison Smith. Allison brings her vast knowledge of food and wellness to Campus Dining...

Menus of Change

The Menus of Change Initiative

What if leaders in the culinary arts, business, public health and environmental sciences all worked together to develop business-friendly solutions to today’s most pressing social and environmental concerns? Among others, concerns such as: 

  • ...

Academic Support - We're Here for You!

two female students studying in front of large Ralphie statue

Sometimes the academic transition from high school to college is more challenging than expected, and we find ourselves needing a little more support than in the past. Well, don't worry, you're not alone! Many students find themselves in that exact same spot in their...

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