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Residence Halls

Below is the process to follow after students have moved into the residence halls. The process for requesting a room change before move-in is detailed in the Getting Started section of the website. 

Timelines - Room Change

Before Move-In

  • April 18-25
  • July 1-11

After Move-In

  • August 24 - waitlist begins after move-in at 8:00am
  • April 1 - waitlist closes and no more requests will be processed​

Room Change Waitlist Details

  • Open August 24-April 1, 2017
  • Requests considered by date of submission and will depend on space availability
  • You may request two hall/RAP eligible preferences and two room style preferences. We recommend putting two different room types that are affordable. You will have up to two preference options, but are not required to submit two
  • Room changes will not include roommates. If you are assigned a new multi-person room, you will also be assigned new roommates
  • Students that have accepted a move, declined a move or do not respond within a specified timeframe, are removed from the waitlist process
  • Students have the opportunity to consider a move before making a decision--they are not forced to move
  • Waitlist requests are submitted through the housing website by logging into the application page and selecting, “Waitlist” from the black toolbar at the top


Apartments - Graduate & Family Housing

  • Requests to transfer apartments are granted on an availability basis
  • Transfer applications are in the Graduate & Family Housing Office. We only transfer people to different apartments between October 1 and March 31
  • A required $250 transfer fee covers the cost of cleaning and preparing your vacated apartment and the rent lost when you have keys to both apartments. Not all transfer requests will be granted
    • Two situations in which you will not be charged the $250 transfer fee:
      1) Medical Transfer - This is a documented medical situation where you need to move out of your current apartment. Written documentation is required from your physician stating your reason for requesting a change to another apartment
      2) Pregnancy - Situation where you need to move because you are expecting an additional child and will exceed the maximum occupancy of your current apartment. Proof of pregnancy with estimated due date must be attached to the transfer request form at the time of request. You will be moved during your third trimester

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