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Academic Support Assistance Program (ASAP)

As a student living in the residence halls or Bear Creek Apartments, you are eligible for free, on-campus tutoring. There are group, one-on-one and drop-in sessions available. You can find additional information and request a tutor on the ASAP webpage.

Your Residence Hall Community

You have both freedom and responsibility as a member of the on-campus community.

Your Freedom - What Kind of BUFF Will You Be?

  • Choose Your Schedule
    • When to get up in the morning, when to eat, when to study, and when to go to bed
  • Choose Your Friends
    • Who will be your friends and how involved in campus life will you be
  • Choose Your Classes and Co-Curricular Involvement
    • What will you include in your academic life - classes, internships, attend campus speakers/lectures and learn outside the classroom

Your Responsibilities

You are now responsible for educating yourself about the residence hall policies and procedures, CU Code of Student Conduct, CU Honor Code, and relevant city, state and federal laws.

Violations of alcohol and drug laws and CU policies have serious consequence for students which may result in probation, suspension or expulsion from CU. We highly encourage students to familiarize themselves with CU policies related to alcohol and other drugs.

  • Students under 21 are not permitted to possess or consume alcohol, and may not be present in a room where other students are drinking alcohol
  • Smoking marijuana or being present in a room where others are smoking marijuana is also not permitted

Dates & Deadlines

Quick reference guide to openings, closings and breaks so you can always plan ahead.


There are a wide variety of student positions available on campus, offering flexible schedules and mutliple work locations.


Fixit is the on-campus work order system that helps you with maintenance needs. Whether it be a broken chair, a leaky faucet or a malfunctioning micro-fridge, fixit is the way to go. If you have an emergency maintenance need, call 303-735-5555.

Involvement Opportunities

Getting involved at CU provides you with endless opportunities to meet new people, develop your leadership skills, be a great community member and have fun! 

Important Phone Numbers

Quick guide to offices around Housing & Dining Services, including the Buff OneCard office, RHA and residence halls


Laundry rooms are available in each residence hall community. 
We now offer LaundryView, which allows you to:

Mail Services & Deliveries

Regular mail and standard packages are delivered to mailrooms centrally located in your hall or commons area through our corporate partner, UPS. All overnight express packages, flowers, cakes, etc. are delivered to the hall office and are signed for by staff. You will be notified by email for package pickup. Outgoing mail is picked up daily from each hall.

Your mailing address will be:

[Your Name] - ALWAYS include the student name on the package or letter!! 
[Box No.] [Hall Name]
[Residence Hall Street Address]
Boulder, CO 80310

For example:
Ralph E. Buffalo
9405 Andrews Hall
2510 Kittredge Loop Road
Boulder, CO 80310

The residence hall street addresses can be found by hall on our residence halls information page.


Finding a building or place to park on campus are a breeze with our online maps.

Parking & Transportation

You don't need a car at CU, but some parking is available for students. The wide array of campus and public transportation can take you almost anywhere you need to go, including skiing!


Resident Advisor (RA)

Your RA will live on your floor or a floor adjacent to yours. RAs are students who are trained to help you with any number of situations whether related to academic, personal, or maintenance needs.

Residence Hall Director (HD)

This full-time professional staff member is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the residence hall, supervising the resident advisors, advising student groups, and coordinating residence life activities. He or she acts as a liaison with maintenance, housekeeping, and food service. Residents should always feel free to contact their hall directors; they are committed to assisting students in areas of personal and academic growth.

Area Coordinators

Area coordinators are full-time professional staff members that supervise the hall directors and full-time office staff. They are in charge of the management of their area of residence halls.

Hall Council

Each hall has an organized student government to deal with issues and needs in that hall. Representatives to these hall councils are elected from a floor or section of the hall early in the fall semester. Each hall council organizes social, recreational, and educational activities, and assists hall staff in making hall policy.

Residence Hall Association

Representatives are selected from each hall council to serve on the Residence Hall Association (RHA). Its members represent all the residence halls and work together with Housing & Dining Services to make certain that the wants and needs of residents are addressed. Representatives raise issues of concern as well as plan events for the entire residence hall system.

Elections of representatives to RHA are held in hall councils soon after the fall semester begins. If you’re interested in being a representative, contact your hall director or RA. You can also call the RHA office directly at 303-492-7305.

Roommate Agreements - OnCampus

  • OnCampus is a website where you create your roommate agreement. Each of your roommates completes a profile and a general roommate agreement is created based on the collective roommate profiles. Your profile covers, among other things, how you will handle visitors, study time, cleanliness standards, and how you will give each other feedback.
  • Complete your roommate agreement online when you arrive on campus. 

What happens if the agreement is broken?

  • Always talk with your roommate first. Many disagreements are resolved by talking with each other. Often what you think is common sense is not common sense to your roommate and vice-versa. Give each other the benefit of the doubt. 
  • Involve your floor RA. Often the RA can help you and your roommate work things out. Perhaps expectations need to be reset—something that you thought you could live with you really can't. It's okay to let your roommate know that your feelings have shifted and the RA can help you with structuring the conversation.


Please visit our Safety & Security page for a detailed breakdown of our efforts and resources.


Technology is of utmost important to students and the Office of Information Technology is here to help students with a variety of services and support.

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