Move-out Day

Building Access for Family & Guests

Please contact your student when you arrive at their residence hall so they can give you access to the building.

Hand Trucks/Dollies

There are a limited amount of hand trucks/dollies available to help with student move-out. They can be checked out at the residence hall front desk by showing them your Buff OneCard.

Room Cleaning Checklist

For a printable checklist, click here.

Checking Out

  • Rooms should be clean, free of trash and belongings
  • Complete room damage form with RA
  • After successfully checking out with your RA, you will recieve a Room Check Verification Form
  • Take the form to the hall check-out area or hall front desk and hand them in
  • After your form has been processed, you will be asked to sign your housing card (failing to do so may result in additional charges or fees)


If there has been damage to the room or furnishings beyond normal wear-and-tear, the student may have charges added to their bursar account. They will be notified of any fees within four weeks of checking out.  

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