Graduate & Family Housing - Move-in/Move-out

Move in/Move-out Dates

The graduate and family housing lease expires every July 15. It is renewable on that date as long as the resident provides proof of full-time university status for the upcoming fall semester. Faculty and staff leases are renewable based on the review of the wait list for new faculty and staff.

The best part: Residents can move out of Graduate & Family Housing at ANY time, provided 45-DAY NOTICE is given. Graduate & Family Housing charges 45 days rent from the day residents submit the required Intent to Vacate form filled out at the Graduate & Family Housing Office.


Contact your resident manager within two weeks of your move-in day to schedule a check-in. Your resident manager will come to your apartment to complete the check-in form with you and review the condition of your apartment. Damage such as nail holes, chipped tiles, burned countertops, or worn and discolored carpet areas should be noted on the form. Dripping faucets, closet doors off the track, torn window screens, and other items should also be noted so you can request repair service on them.

It is to your advantage to be as thorough as possible during your check-in. Any problems that exist when you move into your apartment, and are not repaired while you live in the apartment, are not considered your responsibility. You will not be charged for such items when you move out.


All residents are required to provide Graduate & Family Housing with a 45 day notice to vacate. While all leases have a set end date, residents are required to confirm when they will be leaving 45 days prior to their move-out date by submitting an Intent to Vacate form (ITV). Many residents are eligible for lease extensions/renewals, so it is not automatically assumed that you are leaving when your lease technically ends. (Graduates see page 28 for vacate dates.) Without knowing your exact intended vacate date, we are unable to properly schedule and offer your apartment to someone else.

Our staff will try to remind you of this obligation. However, failure to complete the necessary forms in our office before the required time period (45 days prior to end date) results in additional rent and/or penalty charges.

To give 45 days notice, simply come into the Graduate & Family Housing Office to pick up the ITV packet. The forms you will receive include detailed instructions on cleaning and vacating the apartment, a list of possible damage charges, and a final check-out inspection form. If after completing the ITV, you decide to make changes to it, you will be assessed a $100 fee. You may review you ITV at any time in the Family Housing Office.

Family Housing reserves the right to reject a future application if the applicant was a former resident and vacated in bad standing or with debt.

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