Darley North Hall


Darley North is located on the edge of campus and is part of the Williams Village neighborhood. It houses approximately 320 students and features air conditioned rooms, on-site dining, and close proximity to the recreation center annex. Darley apartments are not equipped with microwaves. The Active Living & Learning Community is an integral part of this community.

Who Lives Here 

Primarily freshmen with a variety of majors.

Tab Group


ROOM TYPE Standard (10 Meals) Standard (15 or 19 Meals)
VIEW Single $7,376 $7,601
VIEW Double, Triple, Quad, Five-Person $6,372 $6,597
VIEW Two-student Room with Bath $6,873 $7,098
VIEW Three-student Room with Bath $6,721 $6,946
VIEW Four Students (Two Doubles) with Bath $6,571 $6,796

Residential Academic Program (RAP)

Active Living LLC $0