Stearns East Hall


Stearns East is located on the southern edge of campus and houses approximately 425 students. It features air conditioned rooms, on-site dining, and close proximity to the recreation center annex. Stearns apartments are not equipped with microwaves. It is also home to the CU Collegiate Recovery Center (CUCRC) CORE program, which provides a supportive community to students who are in recovery from substance use disorders and other addictions. For more information about CUCRC and the CORE program, please visit their website

Who Lives Here 

Mostly freshmen and sophomores with a variety of majors.

Tab Group


ROOM TYPE Standard (10 Meals) Standard (15 or 19 Meals)
VIEW Single $7,162 $7,380
VIEW Double, Triple, Quad, Five-Person $6,187 $6,405
VIEW Two-student Room with Bath $6,673 $6,891
VIEW Three-student Suite with Bath $7,014 $7,232
VIEW Two Student Apartment $7,258 $7,476
VIEW Three Student Apartment $7,113 $7,331
VIEW Four Student Apartment $6,964 $7,184