Living & Learning Communities (LLCs)

Students live together in the same residence hall and engage in residence hall activities that reinforce a particular academic or special-interest theme.

LLCs feature:

  • Enhanced academic curriculum
  • Enhanced program activities

Active Living LLC - Participants strive to lead an intentionally active lifestyle. Events in the program inspire the holistic development of mind, body, and spirit. Ultimately, participants aim to achieve academic success and fullfillment of their personal needs and goals.

Buchanan Community LLC - Provides community and programming for black-identified students and their allies, and anyone with a passion for equal rights for all students.

Multicultural Perspectives LLC - Provides community and programming to students interested in social justice and diversity issues, and anyone with a passion to further their education of identities and cultural intersectionality.

Quad Engineering LLC - Founded in 1987 with the goal of providing a shared living environment for students studying a wide range of fields related to engineering. Current offerings include calculus work groups, late night breakfasts, and an ongoing workshop series featuring award-winning programs like Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream and The Pendulum Project.

Spectrum LLC - Community building and programming for gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, or any student passionate about equal rights for all students.

Transfer WEST LLC - A unique social, academic resource community just for transfer students. Participants have previously attended other universities or colleges but are new to CU. The program hosts various social and active events (including hikes, community dinners, ping pong tournaments, volleyball games, and art programs) as well as academic advisement and career-oriented programs geared to help transfer students be successful at CU.


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