Hall Director Recruitment

Why CU-Boulder?

We are an INNOVATOR in the academic/student affairs partnership with a variety of residential academic programs (RAPs) and living and learning communities (LLCs). Our 22 residence halls house approximately 6,900 primarily first-year students in attractive facilities. 

  • We are characterized by our dedicated, knowledgeable and caring staff
  • We are known for our sustainable and socially just practices and work to continuously improve in these areas
  • Our staff is guided by CU Residence Life’s mission of Connect, Grow, Succeed to enhance each student’s experience who lives in our halls

We hope our site will give you all the information you need to learn if CU-Boulder Residence Life is your perfect fit!

Meet Our Staff

About CU

  • CU-Boulder is the first public university to open its doors in Colorado and the flagship of the four-campus University of Colorado system     
  • CU-Boulder has approximately 30,000 degree-seeking students, 83% of which are undergraduate students
    • 65% are in-state students, 30% are out-of-state domestic students, and 5% are international students
    • 18% of students are from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds
  • CU-Boulder’s international students represent more than 95 countries around the world
  • CU’s student government, CUSG, creates, implements and oversees a $24 million budget each year
  • Each year, an average of nearly 13,500 CU-Boulder students participate in volunteerism, service learning or some other form of civic engagement in Colorado or around the world—nearly half of our student enrollment
  • In 2013, 42.1% of our on-campus students participated in a residential academic program (RAP)

For more information about CU, please visit Just the Facts.

How to Apply and Hiring Schedule   

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We post our assistant hall director and hall director positions in mid-December. We also attend the Oshkosh Placement Exchange in late February for the assistant hall director position. 

The hall director position has a July 1 start date and the assistant hall director position has a July 15 start date.


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