Academic Assistance and Support Program (AASP)


Program Description

  • Provides tutoring in specific courses and subject matter free-of-charge to students living in the residence halls
  • Both drop-in and group sessions available
  • Positively enhances the overall college experience

Who is Eligible for Tutoring

  • Any student living in the CU residence halls or Bear Creek Apartments

How to Sign Up for Tutoring

What Students Say About ASAP Tutoring

My tutor was always patient and made sure I understood the concept before moving on to another topic.

Thanks! I found the program very helpful and felt like it helped improve my grade!

Great program! I wish I would have jumped on it sooner!

Student Comments from 2009-10 tutor evaluations

Why Might My Request Go Unfulfilled?

  • Some requests may not be filled if a student tutor can not be hired for that subject matter
  • Or if you request individual tutoring. ASAP is only able to offer small group tutoring five students or less

Why Might I be Dropped From a Group

  • A student is dropped from a group if he/she fails to provide 24 hour notice of absence and/or he/she does not show for the group 3 times

Tutor Eligibility and Evaluation

  • Upper-division students
  • Must have a 3.0 GPA in the subject matter
  • Students evaluate tutors twice a semester

What Parents Should Know About Tutoring

While parents may think they are assisting their student in completing the tutor request forms, often their students have other plans about their needs. So before you sign up your student, consult with them and ensure that your student completes the tutoring forms.